by Volta

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released April 4, 2017

Recorded live and mixed by Andrea Cajelli at La Sauna (Varese, IT)
Mastered by Carl Saff at Saff Mastering (Chicago, USA)

Painting by Sandra Sarkissian
Photography by Ana Victoria Bruno



all rights reserved



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Track Name: Langverte
Every postmodern discourse
Misses something astounding
Secret swings with feverish lines
No borrowed meaning
From the wide open mouth
Here the music is playing
In whirlwind of sounds
Track Name: Debut Battle
The room spits
Rainbows far away
Still I met its mystique
Still I want to explain it
Electric eyes read what I see
When recurring moods
Don’t come out through
The neat lines
Between my teeth
The girls and boys
I’ve never known well
Pass by dressed
With constellations
Track Name: Blu-lit Soundtrack
A single book or many
Could dash on the floor
And make myriad of sparks
New has been told
Many times before
Step into tomorrow
Is so easy or not
What if I’m going out
Lightning up a page
Track Name: Open
To talk like this is playing
In highbrow marvels
Signals which loop
Their hum forever
The first collage has
Ruby red fingertips
The bricks of comprehension
Mark time and mold the square
Track Name: ...And Change the Fur
I’ve seen the
Brand new kid on the run
And his limits to cross
Practice makes him sway faster
Part of the line shifts back and forth
Husky voice reverberates in the air
Distant moves cause the flu
He hexes his future friends
Then sends regrets
Track Name: Drive-in Classes
They’ve got lights for eyes
Too bright to be seen
In the place of silver tongues
They all see everything
For what it is
A foe remains a foe...
Sons and daughters
Come here to stare
At calm water
Shaped in regular figures
The rest and more
Is all in this song
It’s the half that cuts the half
Track Name: Everything Everything
Certain rooms make tired eyes
I move towards silver walls
Can’t stop thinking about
The beautiful tiles I’m walking on
I’ve got small sparks in a box
And drink glasses of quicksand
Water out of its outlines
Tastes so heavy and calcareous
I sleep with the moon
I’m wide awake with the sun
When everything is
Everything I know
Track Name: Super Isovist
Stop the watches
I tried to stop them with ease
Let me talk out
More charming subjects
I’ll let you think you can
Throw me a chair
I don’t remember a thing
Where does the sound go?
Capture the theory
As a smart viewer
Everything goes on
This is a brand new view
It is supposed to work
With hyper indecision
Track Name: Motown Ed.
It’s all as simple as logic and mind
I have lost track of everything
I don’t want to understand anything
Repetition gets lost
I always tap on the desk
With alternate hands
Sometimes the pattern
Sets an intelligible content
Track Name: Debut Battle
Bite one’s nails
Bite one’s fingers
To prevent battles
Hiding among the animals
Speak in tongues
But still so poor
Forget the thousand
Shards on the floor
All this mess is ecstatic
Track Name: Layers
Cannot get the content
The next amusement sign folds in
The blues I’ve got is a glitter-dream
And it sounds
Like every word is keen
The moon turns dead
If tigers seek their home
The talking town is always loud
Please shut it down
Recreating rivalry
Makes the same annoying overlays
Sharing complex sentences
Or striking a match
I’d start to blaze
Track Name: 353rd
The handles of the scissor get close
I see, I’ve always seen
What is clear is manifested
A window is still a window
Even with the frame removed
Unseen figures have
To be hard to find
3 is like 5 or 6
I can’t recall it
With an always changing word
It seems another body of work
Track Name: On S and D
There’s no view
With glasses removed
And nothing new
Here’s the great change
The pavement is shifting
Distant things become near
Talk with explosions
And sing sometimes
Out of a window
I am cut in two
Track Name: Body Electric at the Stellar Room
The room talks
As the keys drag
Lost meanings out
Where words are fervent
Pairs shake in sequence
The utterances we hear
Have never been
Like these before
Long arms grow along
The one with glowing bones
Track Name: Like New Maps
These are new connections
Left in the current conversation
Thinking with maps
Don’t need to know
When something started
Rainbows pour out
Of this window or that
Organize them
With mathematics
Track Name: No Syntax
The second part
Of that kind of discourse
Is not what...